Here you will find all information about the family of churches

               Worton and Marston Family of Churches

This is an ecumenical committee which exists to promote Christian fellowship among people of different denominations in our villages. Currently our members include representatives of the Anglican, Methodist/United Reformed, and Roman Catholic churches.

We co-ordinate various joint activities including the Newcomers' Party, the Harvest Supper, the Good Friday Hunger Lunch and several joint acts of worship. We run various courses, usually during Lent, which are aimed at deepening the faith of those who take part. Everybody is welcome regardless of where they are on that journey.

The 2016 Newcomers Party was held on Friday 29th January in the village Hall. We try to invite all those who have moved into the villages of Worton and Marston over the past year.

The Family of Churches activities are normally announced in the parish magazine, 'The Bridge'.

 If you want to know more, please contact:

 Mr Frank Barcham - 725994